Boulder’s 100 Year Flood

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Almost exactly 3 years ago, we were praying for rain as the Four Mile Canyon Fire raged on the mountain side. Now we pray for continued dryness and receding flood waters. These forces of nature are incredibly humbling.

The last few days in Boulder have been surreal, to say the least. Shock and sadness at the suffering of those around us is mixed with relief and gratitude to have a dry house and studio, though the flood waters and debris came all the way up to our door.

SWEET letterpress studio after Boulder 100 year flood

The sun is bright and the sky a beautiful blue, but the National Guard helicopters flying over head are a constant reminder of our friends and neighbors in Lyons and other communities that are still in need.

After the threat to personal safety has passed, there is an overwhelming desire to help. And a helplessness in not knowing how we might go about doing that. We’ve offered our home to friends and offered to help neighbors with raw sewage clean up, but would love to do more.

Financial donations as well as donations of specific material things are being accepted by the following organizations:

Some people have even suggested going to certain neighborhoods with a shovel and offering a hand. I think we’ll be cleaning up for a long, long while.

There is also a wonderful organization that popped up on facebook called Save My Colorado Wedding – a group of dedicated wedding vendors, helping couples whose weddings are displaced by the Colorado floods. Their volunteers are ready to help save the wedding day by  finding alternate venues and wedding vendors.

It is amazing to see our community coming together to help each other through this disaster. Stay safe. Stay dry. Much love.


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The Mary Williams Fine Arts Quick Draw

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mwfa-quick-drawIn August, Mary Williams Fine Arts hosted the first “Quick Draw” in Boulder County. This timed painting event featured 40 artists who were challenged to create an original piece of art in 90 minutes on an amazing South Boulder estate.  Once the art was finished, there was a silent auction of the paintings to benefit Boulder’s Carriage House Community Table. We were happy to take part in this amazing and elegant charity event. We designed the event’s branding, website and invitations, and enjoyed every moment of working with Mary and her fabulous team. The invitation featured a 2 color letterpress cover and offset printed interior done by NSO Press in Denver. We used a recycled felt finish stock and lovely gold envelopes to complement the classic design and achieve the elegant, late summer feel.

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