Dress Up Your Invites: DIY Envelope Liners

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4 patterned envelope linersDress up the invites to you next event with DIY envelope liners!

Today  we’d like to share how you can quickly and easily create envelope liners for your invitations, RSVPs, thank you notes or general stationery and correspondence. While you can always just purchase pre-made envelope liners they can be surprisingly pricey and it’s easy to save money and add a more personal touch by putting in a small amount of time on your own. It’s quick, has a big impact and is much easier than you think!

We recently did this ourselves for our Calluna Events open studio invitations, but we’ve seen it with all sorts of things, including photographsantique wallpaper, maps, pages from books and even fabric. Whatever your liner style or envelope size and shape, this tutorial will help you break down the steps and create a beautiful accent for your envelopes.

The Tutorial

Envelope photocopyStep 1- Photocopy your envelope with the flap open at 90% of the original size.





Cutting out the envelope liner shapeStep 2- Cut out the shape you created. We found it helpful to trace the shape onto a stiff material — the back of a cereal box is a great free option that you probably have lying around the house.





Trace your envelope liner shape onto the paper you will useStep 3- Using that cut-out, trace the shape on top of the material you are using for your envelope liners.





Step 4- Cut out your envelope liners using scissors or an X-Acto knife.

Glue the liner into the envelope on the top flap onlyStep 5- Insert your cut-out liners into the envelope and use an adhesive to attach the liner to the envelope. A glue stick works and we love these. **Be sure to only adhere on the top flap of the envelope. If you glue the entire liner down inside the envelope you will not be able to fold the flap down when it’s time to mail it!




The finished envelope linerand viola!





We told you it was easy!

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Nursery Painted

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We are keeping the sex of “Baby Auggie” (due in August) a surprise which makes designing the nursery just a bit more challenging.

First up – paint.
After a long and painstaking process, trying to find just the right color – not too boy, not too girl, not to “Easter”, not too grown up – we finally found a winner! “Palladian Blue” by Benjamin Moore. We went with the zero-VOC Eco Spec formula, safe for both Mommy and Baby. (FYI, the Eco Spec formula turned out a good bit lighter than the chip or brush outs we did beforehand.)

Madigan gives “Palladian Blue” two paws up

Thus begins the transformation of our never-finished guest room into a modern and serene nursery for our little one. Here is a photo of the finished paint job with some decor Photoshopped in for the full effect:

Special thanks to Young House Love for the stand-in wall hangings.

Also shown:
Love Handmade Wood Sign – OhDierLiving on Etsy
Bamboo Mobile, Bird Trio – petitcollage on Etsy

Check out our nursery inspiration on Pinterest:
SWEET Nursery Inspiration on Pinterest


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