Printing Methods

SWEET | feeding platen press from 1893

We offer our wedding invitations with both letterpress and digital printing. Letterpress is a relief printing technique in which a raised plate is inked and then pressed into the paper for a deep tactile impression. We print our invitations one at a time on an antique press, feeding each piece of paper through the press for every color applied. We also mix our ink colors by hand. Letterpress is a labor of love and the end result is a dramatic and beautiful look unmatched by any other printing method.


Digital (or "flat") printing is a modern technique in which the ink lies flat on the paper. We offer digital as an alternative to letterpress that can be produced quickly and affordably.  If you love letterpress but are on a tight budget, check out our "mix & match" package which features a letterpress invitation with flat printed enclosures.

I really can't tell you what a fresh breath of air it's been to work with you. We have learned that the wedding "industry" truly feels like an "industry" at times... but you have taken the time to learn the details of our day and to share in the excitement. Thank you for your personal touch, patience at times, and creativity.
-Christina — San Francisco